November 2014 – Stage, Metro Centrepoint’s Grand Opening representing C’est Moi for Kids, Role: Gymnast

November 2014 – Stage, DDreamz Concert, Role: Dance Soloist

October 2014/January 2014/November 2013 – International Film, Train Station: The Suitcase, Role: Lead Actress

October 2014 – Short Film, LifeTime, Role: Supporting (Abby)

October 2014 – TVC,’s Drive to Zero Accidents Campaign, Role: Little Girl with Bubbles

September 2014 – TV, Singapore Zoo-Conservation on Discovery Channel Asia, Role:  Little Girl with Sea Lion

June 2014 – Short Film, Benny the Sad Clown,  Role: Lead (Anna)

June 2014 – Stage, A Potpourri of Dance, Role: Featured Dancer

May 2014 – Short Film, Forget Mei Not, Role: Supporting (younger Mum)

April 2014 – TV, Danny on MediaCorp’s Suria Channel (episode 1), Role: Supporting (Annabel)

February – March 2014 – TV, Wizards of Honey Street on MediaCorp’s Okto Channel (8 episodes), Role: Lead (Sheila)

February 2014  – TV, Tom and Ben Get Lost in Singapore (Australian TV program), Role: Pianist

January 2014 – Ad, Singapore’s Child Magazine–March 2014, Role: Cover Model & Inside Fashion Feature

January 2014 – Ad, WeekendIn Magazine–February 2014, Role: Inside Full-Page Feature Story

January 2014 – Ad, Horlicks Singapore, Role: Little Girl

December 2013 – TV, Nickelodeon Asia Promotion, Role: Little Girl/Dancer

December 2013 – Stage, W!ld Rice, Jack & the Bean Sprout (14 performances), Role: Actor/Dancer/Singer

October 2013 – TVC, Project Happy Feet “SMILE”, Role: Little Girl

September 2013 – Ad, Hewlett-Packard, Role: Daughter

September 2013 – TV, Sky Shakers on MediaCorp’s Okto Channel (Pilot), Role: Supporting (August)

September 2013 – Stage, MediaCorp, Race Me to the Stars Soap Box Derby, Role: Celebrity Guest/Performer

September 2013 – TV, Nickelodeon Asia Promotion “RockTober”, Role: School Girl

August 2013 – Web-Series Trailer, The Girl Who Grants Wishes, Role: Lead Actress (The Little Girl)

July 2013 – Stage, MediaCorp, 50 Years of TV Celebration Party, Role: Guest/Performer

June 2013 – Ad, Texas Chicken, Singapore, Role: Little Girl

June 2013 – Short Film, Fly Away, Role: Lead Actress (Ubi)

May 2013 – Stage, A Potpourri of Dance, Role: Dance Soloist

May 2013 – Ad, National Museum of Singapore-Children’s Season, Role: Little Girl

May 2013 – Ad, Land Transport Authority, Singapore, Role: Little Girl of 2030

April 2013 – TV, OMG! Campaign on the Disney Channel, Role: Little Girl

March – May 2013 – TV, Ollie & Friends Season 2 on MediaCorp’s Okto (20 episodes and 20 webisodes), Role: Lead Actress (Jenny)

March 2013 – TV, Ollie & Friends Season 2 on MediaCorp’s Okto, Role: Singer/VO (21 songs)

March 2013 – TV, A Poem Is… on Disney Junior, Role: Little Girl (discussing poetry)

March 2013 – Ad, Singtel, Singapore, Role: Little Girl

March 2013 – Stage, No Business Like Show Business, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Role: Dancer

March 2013 – Short Film, Revenge, Role: Supporting (Daughter)

February 2013 – Corporate Video, Dreams of 2020, SAP, Singapore, Role: Little Girl (voicing dreams for the future)

January 2013 – Music Video, Kids Performing Academy of the Arts, Singapore, Role: Singer/Performer

December 2012 – Ad, Korean Guru – Korean Language Learning Centre, Singapore, Role: Dancer

December 2012 – Corporate Video, Mon Jervois Property Launch, Singapore, Role: Daughter

December 2012 – Short Film, Féerie, Role: Lead Actress (Elizabeth)

November 2012 – TVC, Audi, Singapore, Role: Little Girl

November 2012 – TV, oktoLIVE! on MediaCorp’s Okto, Role: Guest/Performer

November 2012 – Short Film, The Lying Theory, Role: Lead Actress (Young Claire)

November 2012 – Ad, StarHub, Singapore, Role: Daughter

October 2012 – TV, Ollie & Friends Season 1 on MediaCorp’s Okto, Role: Singer/VO (30 songs)

October 2012 – TVCs (2), StarHub, Singapore, Role: Daughter

August – October 2012 – TV, Ollie & Friends Season 1 on MediaCorp’s Okto (20 episodes and 17 webisodes), Role: Lead Actress (Jenny)

August 2012 – Ads (2), Greenfields Milk, Singapore, Roles: Little Girl/Daughter

June 2012 – Stage/Musical, Once on this Island, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Role: Little Ti Moune

June 2012 – Stage, Top of the Pops, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Role: Dancer

March 2012 – Stage, The Greatest Show on Earth, Centre Stage School of the Arts, Role: Dancer


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